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The beaches of Capo Coda Cavallo

Baia Brandinchi

Nicknamed by the local people 'Tahiti' for its unspoiled beauty. Easily reachable in 20 minutes walk or 3 minutes drive.

Cala Suaraccia - Le Farfalle

It is the nearest white beach, just 600 metres far from the residence, 10 minutes walk.

Punta Capo Coda Cavallo

It is the tail of the peninsula, with its shape it gives the name to the whole promontory. It is accessible mainly by car with its 2 km uphill and dirt road

Cala Paradiso

Our access to the sea, 150 metres from the apartments. Small rocky and sandy coves, perfect for tranquility and snorkeling.

Salina Bamba

È la spiaggia del villaggio di Porto Coda Cavallo. Raggiungibile solo a piedi in 10 min di camminata.

Baia Salinedda

Small, pretty and still little known. 1 minute by car, 15 minutes on foot from the residence strolling by the Mediterranean shrub.

Lu Impostu

This is the twin sister of Brandinchi Bay, it is accessible from the same parking.

La Cinta

It is the beach of San Teodoro. 10 km from the residence. With its 4 km of fine white sand it is one of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia.